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Miami, South Florida push for specialized trade financing hub primacy

Article: BNAmericas – September 3, 2010
Miami as a Center of Influence for Trade Finance in Latin America and the up-and-coming role of Brazil. Trade finance banks need focus on trade flows, documentation, regulation. Banks focused on trade finance in Latin America should return their attention to trade flows, documentation and the risks that come from regulatory differences across borders.

Enhancing Cross-border Supplier Relationships in Latin America

Publication: Treasury Management International – April 2012
The importance of Supply Chain Finance in enhancing Buyer and Seller relationships.

Increasing Cash Flow via Supply Chain Financing in Latin America

Publication: Bank of America – Oil and Gas Supplement – September 2012
Large companies with global operations don’t want complexity, and this solution is
ultimately a very simple way to achieve meaningful results.

Supply Chain Finance in Latin America: A New Era
Publication: Treasury Management International – August 2014
Supply chain finance (SCF) has become an increasingly important working capital tool for companies around the world in the past decade. It experienced a significant increase in use during the financial crisis, when liquidity for smaller companies dried up and many buying companies recognised that the stability of their supply chain was in jeopardy. In this article, I address SCF from the Latin America perspective.

The Emergence of Miami as a Hemispheric Economic Force (Update)
Article: LinkedIn Pulse – March 30, 2015

Supply Chain Finance is Back to the Future
Article: LinkedIn Pulse – October 2015
Supply Chain disruption can cause disasters in a company’s strategic plan. Financing needs to be available to keep viable businesses afloat.

Export-Import Bank sputters, but exporters carry on
December 2016
The nation’s official export credit agency, the Export-Import Bank, suffered a lapse in authorization that lasted the latter part of last year. It has been back up and running – at least, for the most part – for exactly one year, but Miami exporters remain somewhat unfazed.

Miami: Essential city to handle the Latin America Markets (October 6th, 2017)

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