CURRENT WORKSHOP: TO BLOCKCHAIN OR DLT? Distributed Ledger Technologies as a Disruptive Catalyst for Reducing Supply Chain Costs – Workshop for Banking, VC, SI and Corporate Supply Chain Executives

With the help of our exclusive workshop, Executives from Banks, Financial Institutions, Venture Capitals, Corporate operations, Procurement and Treasuries and leading Supply Chain vendors can pivot the introduction of DLT solutions as a rare opportunity for refocusing innovation investments on a selected set of SC services that could help your company or FI to monetize SCF/SCL operations and manage international cash, liquidity and lines of credit.

These interactive executive retreats that presents up‑to‑date information on how being advanced and customized to the evolving SC requirements, DLT is capable of enabling a new and highly efficient worldwide B2B trading management infrastructure.

Our workshop deals exclusively with the present-day strategies and opportunities of monetizing new profitable SC services triggered by the introduction of DLT in the emerging economic paradigm. It helps decision makers to use this unique opportunity to explore new and streamlined SC services that can deliver increased profit margins.The presenters include leading experts from USA and Canada who specialize in introducing innovative transaction services, reengineering the payment operations of banks and corporate treasuries and the related regulatory/compliance issues. During and after the workshop, the participants will have an opportunity to engage in discussions with the presenters and their colleagues, raising and clarifying individual issues and their own corporate concerns.

This is the only USA-based advanced seminar/interactive workshop for banking, VC, SI and corporate supply chain executives that deals exclusively with strategies and opportunities of new distributed ledger technology’s potential to modernize supply chain and radically reduce its costs.

You and your Institutions will greatly benefit as participants in this exclusive event that might become a focus of your organization’s strategic business development and marketing campaigns as relate to the development of corporate financial transaction and digital payment services.

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