Whether fulfilling or complementing an overall financing strategy for a company or helping a financial institution find alternative investors to satisfy a customer’s need limiting competition, we look at over 100 qualified sources to meet complex requirements and timelines.


After more than 20 years lending international and domestic companies requiring working capital to take their business to the next level, we have established excellent relationships with numerous lenders and investors from around the world, each with its unique set of requirements and interests, willing to provide their special solutions to a client with minimal business interruption. Each funding request has a specific set of characteristics (amount, tenor, structure, jurisdictions, risk mitigants, collateral pool, repayment schedule, etc.) which are matched to the lender or investors ability to deliver in a timely fashion. Most importantly, we try our very best to understand each meticulous need to introduce the best solution for your businesses. We want to ensure everyone is the right fit. If you have a unique added-value or need please feel free to share with us. We look forward to sharing our OPPORTUNITIES in the near future.

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